Hawaii // Meeting Ziggy Marley

In 2009, Thompson’s productions sent out an invitation for to join Ziggy Marley on stage in the small and big Island of Maui and Waikiki.  That was a great adventure ‘cause the son of Bob, Ziggy, is also my inspiration. It was an honor to perform on the same stage with such an amazing artist.  While we were in Hawaii I spent time with Joseph Israel, Black Diamond, Rovleta Frazer, and some of the locals. We went to some of Ziggy Marley’s conference and also attended his acoustics events. 

     I remember this one experience I had, while walking in the back stage to rehearsal.  I was walking with my guitar there was a van parked near the stage on the field,  and in that van was Ziggy Marley sitting there in a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, his locks in his hat, just relaxing, I’m guessing meditating.  I stopped for a minute to say hello, but I kept on going. I asked myself, “why didn’t I speak to him a little longer?” I guess I was still in shock from being right next to my biggest idol. I thought he was tired because so many people come up to him, so I decided to let him have his peace, and didn’t disturb him before the show. 

    That night at that show, he played some of my all time favorites like ‘Tomorrow People’ and ‘Black My Story’.  Meanwhile on the island we ate some good food, and the locals of Hawaii were very nice people. We drove in a 12 passenger van that included some of Ziggy’s musicians, Errol Brown, and his guitarist.

Zion at Bob Marley Studio, Tuff Gong Int,  

     In 2006, we took a trip to Jamaica to  record at Bob Marley’s studio.  We stayed at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston that night.  The next morning, I was told to come downstairs, I’d found there where four Jamaicans sitting in the lobby waiting for me.  When I came down into the lobby, I knew one of the men look very familiar – indeed he did he was Sticky Thompson who played with Ziggy Marley and Bob. His son was there as well, Alrick Thompson. I was extremely excited when I found out that these men were from Tuff Gong since I’d looked up to Bob’s music so much. They were laid back brothers.  That day, we schedule an appointment to record two songs in the studio, and we did.  I’d spent most of the night while Alrick mixed the songs; meanwhile in Bob’s studio, I noticed there were pictures of him hanging on the wall in the glass window that separated the control room. There were Awards won by Rita Marley, too. 

I got to meet Squidly Cole, who is featured on my CD, Upright and Poor Man Crying,with his drums skills and JAH Roops on bass. After the studio session, Alrick give me a tour in his Honda around Halfway Tree and he also showed me were Capleton lived, but he was not home.  Alrick drives like a true islander.  We also visited Bob’s museum, I got to meet a brother by the name of Corn Bread, he give me a tour late at night around the museum.  I took a picture, but did not know it was not allowed. In that picture, there was beautiful artwork on the wall in the back of the museum.  That was my first major experience, and a good one, ‘cause I always wanted to record in Marley’s studio.